Animal-Assisted Therapy

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Fort Worth, Texas 76161-4084

Founded in 1986 -- A nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization

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To establish P A T as a long-term model for Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT), providing orientation/training programs with P A T certification for representatives and registration for therapy dogs as aides to existing therapies.

To educate communities to the benefits of an organized Animal-Assisted Therapy program and to provide guidelines for policies and procedures for facilities served.

To provide programs focusing on the individual needs of each facility and its population with proper placement of each therapeutic team.

To provide services free of charge by trained volunteer representatives through a charitably-funded organization.

Paws Across Texas, Inc. (PAT) reserves the right to restrict and approve the use and distribution of all information and documentation, in any form, directly related to PAT, its policies and procedures.

The training techniques and programming provided by PAT remain the property of the PAT organization and duplication without permission is prohibited. Materials are protected by Copyright Law (Title 17 U. S. Code).

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