Animal-Assisted Therapy

Founded in 1986 -- A nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization

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Application Process


  • Please review the requirements and job description for both yourself and your dog on this website.
  • Your inquiry of interest will place your contact information on our announcement list.
  • Please address your questions/inquiries via this email exchange to insure current and detailed information.


  • Please note that PAT documentation is unavailable via electronic communications.
  • Approximately 3 weeks prior to a screening/evaluation, announcements are sent to interested persons to ascertain continued interest in PAT Therapy Dog registration. Disinterested persons will be deleted from our list and those unable to attend will be placed on a future contact list.
  • Persons responding with interest will be sent information of the scheduled screening/evaluation.
  • Qualified teams meeting age, job description, health, and completing dog obedience class requirements (see explanation below) are scheduled for a phone interview.
  • The phone interview is to insure tha the potential applicant understands the volunteer committment, the application process, and membership requiements.
  • Application packets are only mailed as no electronic mail transfers are made/accepted of those teams interested in attending a scheduled screening/evaluation.
  • A "due date" for receipt of application materials is assigned to be returned to PAT before the screening/evaluation date. No PAT documentation is received at the screening/evaluation.
  • Screening of potential therapy dogs and evaluations of each team is held indoors in Fort Worth, Texas and take approximately 4-5 hours to complete.

Please note: PAT certification is only valid in a PAT authorized facility during a scheduled AAT session as PAT does not provide for an "independent" registration/certification for PAT teams.


APPLICATION PACKETS include Application, Health, and Obedience Training forms along with PAT membership information. An application fee and a photo of the dog will be returned with the completed packet.

OBEDIENCE CLASS: Each team will attend/complete all classes as presented with reasonable knowledge of the instruction given in a basic dog obedience class/course. Evaluations, observations, testing or home/private training in lieu of a class/course completed is not acceptable.

Class curriculum should incldue controlled heeling/walking on a leash, commands for "sit, down, stay in position, and come/recall". Each applicant team will be expected to exhibit a reasonable proficiency of the basic commands listed above, show control of the dog, and provide a "working team" potential while in a distracted area.

EQUIPMENT: All PAT teams will work in a plain collar (buckle or slip style) and leash. Haltis, harnesses, gentle leaders, muzzles, or training style collars are unacceptable. PAT will issue color coded equipment to be used on the dog while working as a PAT representative. A scarf with the PAT logo and a dog tag with the registration number are also issued as "working" identification.


Paws Across Texas, Inc. (PAT) reserves the right to restrict and approve the use and distribution of all information and documentation, in any form, directly related to PAT, its policies and procedures.

The training techniques and programming provided by PAT remain the property of the PAT organization and duplication without permission is prohibited. Materials are protected by Copyright Law (Title 17 U.S. Code).

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