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Founded in 1986 -- A nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization

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PAWS ACROSS TEXAS, INC. (PAT) is a nonprofit, incorporated, charitable organization 501 (c) (3) 509 (a) (1) 170 (b) (1) (A) (vi) based in Fort Worth, Texas. Its purpose is to provide diversified therapy programs using trained volunteers (representatives) and their privately owned companion animals (registered therapy dogs).

PAT promotes the use of only canines in this service because of their trainability and public popularity. An orientation program with in the field training provides both dog and potential representative valuable techniques and necessary information for producing the therapeutic working team desired by the PAT screening/orientation program. This includes required training sessions. In addition to being at least two (2) years of age, all dogs must be of good temperament, obedient, in good health, and reliably housebroken.

PAWS ACROSS TEXAS Therapy Dogs are sociable and friendly, well-trained and mature, well-groomed, and exemplify a true companion relationship and bond with their human team partners. The P A T dogs are selected for their tolerance and adaptability in unfamiliar environments and compatibility.

The PAWS ACROSS TEXAS, INC. (PAT) Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) program was established to address the individual needs of various facilities. The PAT program promotes a trusting and bonding relationship in a voluntary and nonthreatening environment for psychological and physical responses and interactions.

PAT services multiple types of facilities in Dallas/Fort Worth. Facilities serviced include psychiatric care and medical hospitals, nursing/convalescent-care homes, retirement homes, physical rehabilitation centers/hospitals, and special education schools.

PAT exercises are developed to be purposeful and are individually goal-oriented; and are not to be viewed merely as "tricks" or entertainment.

PAT provides an Animal-Assisted Therapy program as an ALL Volunteer Service Organization. PAT is not affiliated with other organizations having similar names nor connected in any way with national organizations promoting this same concept. PAT (started in the Fort Worth area in 1986) is considered to be a “local” organization with services only in the geographic area described. All funds are derived through donations and membership dues with all donations tax deductible.

PAT has established high standards for AAT and continues to maintain the trust from the communities that PAT Teams service. PAT teams truly give of themselves without expectation of rewards. All PAT Therapy Teams are people-oriented and dedicated. The best “prize” received as PAT volunteers is the inner warmth and pride which comes through helping other persons by sharing these special dogs. The PAT canine therapists are somewhat unique, providing their own special and distinct type of therapy.

Currently, therapy comes in many forms. We hope you will be interested in gaining a better understanding of the PAT Animal-Assisted Therapy concept and its program benefits.

We welcome the opportunity to provide further information about Paws Across Texas, Inc. (PAT) if you should desire.



Paws Across Texas, Inc. (PAT) reserves the right to restrict and approve the use and distribution of all information and documentation, in any form, directly related to PAT, its policies and procedures.

The training techniques and programming provided by PAT remain the property of the PAT organization and duplication without permission is prohibited. Materials are protected by Copyright Law (Title 17 U.S. Code).

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