Animal-Assisted Therapy

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Founded in 1986 -- A nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization

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PAWS ACROSS TEXAS, INC. (PAT) provides free of charge consultations and inservices for facilities and their staff for assisting in the establishment of Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) programs, addressing policies and procedures, infection control, and legal issues. All PAT programs are individually structured to meet the needs of each facility and its population. Policies, protocol, guidelines, and facility agreements must be established prior to receipt of a PAT program. This information is provided in the PAT Facility Introductory Packet.

Each year PAT participates in multiple health-oriented fairs, conferences, symposiums and seminars, provides presentations for local civic and community-related organizations, and exhibits at animal or other similar community informational events and fund raisers.

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P. O. Box 164084
Fort Worth, Texas



Paws Across Texas, Inc. (PAT) is a nonprofit incorporated charitable organization 501(c) (3)509(a)(1)170(b)(1)(A)(vi) which allows for tax deductible donations.

The following businesses will donate a portion of your purchases to PAT:
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